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Stress costs companies USD 300 Billion every year in the US alone. In the UK, 70,000,000 man-days are lost to poor engagement and absenteeism. Book Sandeep Now to plough this back into your bottomline.

Sandeep Nath

Apart From Delivering Talks, Sandeep Conducts Individual And Group Coaching, And Senior-level Workshops.

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Sandeep delivers energizing sessions on Leadership, Productivity, and Staying Healthy in the workplace

Aligning Leaders With People, Purpose, And Process

When you are stretched by time-zones and time-lines, how do you facilitate the empowerment of your managers? Lack of alignment of purpose pulls good managers down, and some of your best people could be pushing themselves out of leadership because they are too stressed, disengaged, and burning out. Get managers to perform at peak potential! Build their capacity to become purpose-driven leaders who are healthy, productive, balanced, engaged and win-win!! 

Is Wellbeing Your Profitability Mantra Yet?

Using interactive exercises based on the P-E-P Formula from ancient oriental wisdom, and thought-provoking stories that challenge conventional notions of how things are done, Sandeep transfers ideas from one experience to another. And he leaves the audience empowered and motivated to do more, because they discover the power of what they already have in them. With a focus on alignment of body-mind-spirit, this session brings ultimate clarity. And typically, an “Aha” response!

How Much Is Stress Damaging Your Workplace?

The #1 reason for lifestyle-based illnesses is stress. Have you ever considered how much stressed employees impact the productivity of an organization? What is their effect on customer delight? What they do to team relationships and bottomline? If not, this talk will be an eye-opener. Not because you will learn the gravity of the problem. But because you will get the solutions to stress – which can be applied without spending a minute extra.

Depression Is The Lack Of Expression

If your organization is balancing WFH and onsite… or if you want to implement solutions for stress between Gen X and Millennial employees, this session is perfect for you. Think “Driving results across rank and file” or “Creating a high-performance culture free of stress”. Sandeep will adapt this presentation specifically for your audience, team culture, and purpose. And your audience will completely renew their understanding of working together.

How Mental Health Affects Teams And Clients

If you want your people to engage better with clients – and create employee and customer delight like a well-conducted orchestra, they need to know how to move their vibrations and play their symphony. People who develop mindful awareness of themselves can apply it to relationships and excel, while people with poor awareness burn out! This talk is an invitation to raise vibrations using mindfulness practices from 2500 years ago. Remember, nobody burned out then!

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Sandeep has delighted Governments, NGOs, Multinationals and Growth Platforms

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I had the pleasure of listening to Sandeep Nath at the World HRD Congress. As we know, health, wellness and well-being is a really important topic for your employees, as well as for the level of engagement they have.

If you are looking for a speaker to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization, I recommend you connect with Sandeep Nath to add value to your employees growth and development.

Gautam Ganglani

Managing Director
Right Selection
Speaker Management Company

I first heard Sandeep speak in Dubai. He spoke on inner power, energy, and mindfulness, and how powerful oriental wisdom can help solve modern lifestyle issues. 

He made quite an impression as he introduced us to the dynamics of energy for increasing interpersonal effectiveness. I’ve been applying the principles and would definitely recommend everyone to do the same.

Brenda McGuire

WorldWide Connect
Sandeep Nath is a world-class motivational speaker without being a typical ‘rah-rah’ type on stage. He is intense, witty and makes people think. People leave the room with a better grip on their personal energy as he walks them through productivity and health challenges using inner power.
He shares real life stories drawn from his rich business experience and blends them with energy practice. 

I will be excited to work with him again.

Ernesto Verdugo

CEO and Co-Founder
Speak Internationally
sandeep nath

Why You'll Love To Hire Sandeep

He brings ancient oriental wisdom to simplify today’s business challenges

He holds the attention of your audience with stuff they’ve never heard before

He thinks Win-Win. He understands we can always find ways to work together

He is an action-oriented speaker. Your audience always gets something to implement

He customizes content for your audience and am prepared for changes

He always sticks to time. His goal is to support you every way with no drama

His other goal is to be invited back again and again so you can relax with certainty

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Sandeep has delighted Governments, NGOs, Multinationals and Growth Platforms

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